Walk Through The Garden Wednesday: It’s Bloomin’ Along!

We’ve been trying to plant mostly perennials so that everything comes back mostly on its own with as little help from us as possible and…

…so far, so good!

My favorites so far this year are the wildflowers that live under and around the back-to-back garden benches which now reside under the maple tree. They are so pretty and that bed is really filling in nicely.

So is the one by the front door:

My tulips are gone and ready to be trimmed which makes me a bit sad as they were so lovely, but my equally beautiful day lilies are about to burst into bloom and I can’t wait! They last well into late summer.

Also, I’m on the lookout for a big, rusty saw blade for my fence piece there. It’s the first year I didn’t plant morning glories to grow on it and now I’m regretting it a bit. I want to find a nice perennial climber to put there instead, though.

We also need fish for our little pond still:

I also still want to put a Japanese maple next to it but the wildflowers are sprouting nicely in that sort of bear spot for now, which makes me smile.

Wildflowers = butterflies and hummingbirds.

The side flowerbed with the antique stove and manure spreader is finally showing more signs of life now. The umbrella tree is (still) doing amazing and there are seedlings sprouting in all the flowerpots, including the big one inside the spreader:


Of course this time of year I don’t dare go out unless I am wearing one of these:

It’s a bit cumbersome but it does help keep the triggers out which keeps my mast cells happy, which lets me enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Or blooms, I should say. The blooms of my labor.

Happy gardening! 🙂


xo Michelle Dellene

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