Vintage Furniture Find Of The Week: Hancock & Moore Sofa and Loveseat

We decided it was time for a new couch since our sectional was 10 years old and has seen better days.

We definitely put it to good use when the nest was full!

We would probably hang onto it longer but the problem is, it is big and bulky and awkward and makes it really hard to do the Christmas decorating. In order to put my tree where I want it the whole sectional has to be rearranged and sticks out into the room. Boo!

Plus, our oldest son could use more stuff in his new house, so the timing was right (Merry Christmas to him ha!).

We spent a few hours shopping around and had *almost* settled for a really pretty loveseat and recliner from Ashley Furniture before we remembered our local consignment/antiques store always has a lot of great pre-owned, high end furniture at really, really great prices.

We’ve bought quite a few antique (non-furniture) pieces from them including our silver tea set and antique scooter and I love visiting them just to browse all their goodies even if we don’t buy anything (but we usually do).

So we headed over this afternoon and were thrilled to find a gorgeous vintage Hancock & Moore sofa/loveseat combo for a fraction of the original price:

I knew a little bit about the quality and durability of Hancock & Moore furniture but I’d never sat on any before so I didn’t realize how amazingly comfortable they are! I also didn’t realize they were hand crafted:

Hancock & Moore has been making masterpieces since 1981 when master craftsman Jimmy Moore turned his lifetime passion for furniture making into a legacy. Jimmy grew up learning the skills of an artisan, turning wood into beautiful, heirloom furniture. He spent hours hand-carving, sanding, sewing, and upholstering exclusive pieces using this timehonored approach.

To this day, up to 80 hours are spent handcrafting a piece of Hancock & Moore furniture. Every sofa, game chair and bench bears the signature of the artisan who created it, reflecting the hard day’s work that went into its construction. To Hancock & Moore, custom-made furniture is the purest form of self-expression. That is why they have spent the past 30 years creating furniture exactly as you envisioned, making it truly as unique as you are.

These are several years old and still in almost perfect condition and are just sooooo comfy.

There is a reason people pay so much for them brand new and while a new couch from Hancock & Moore is in the thousands and way (way!) out of our price range, we are very, very happy with being the proud second (or third or ?) owners of this lovely set.

The price? Just over $700 for both. Merry Christmas to me!

Now it’s a matter of keeping the pups off of them. We ordered these waterproof sofa/loveseat covers to help keep them safe until we find better ones that give us better coverage:

The reviews were pretty good on these covers so I’m hoping they do the job and I’ll update here with an Honest Review in a few weeks. The bottom line is though; if you’re looking for quality pre-owned furniture definitely look for the Hancock & Moore label.

We are extremely happy with our new (old) furniture!

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