The Turkeys Get A New House & A New Friend

Now that I have my hyperactive mast cells pretty well under control (yay!), I can get out and do a whole lot more in our little backyard farm.

We wanted to get a turkey coop built before the snow flies, which won’t be long now (yikes!), so my handsome, handy hubby set about crafting one with one of the pallets we were using for a roost and the leftovers from building the chicken coop:

It’s nothing fancy, but it’s warm and cozy with three nesting boxes (since we have a current egg layer – we’ve found two turkey eggs so far!). In fact, I think it’s this girl:

She sure took to it immediately and seemed pretty pleased with his work. The little sparrows that come to visit and steal food seemed quite interested, too. One in particular hung about and wanted to make friends it seemed:

Flossy seemed quite interested in making friends with them in return. Maybe they were looking for a nesting box, too, although I had found one of their adorable little nests, rope, twine and all, in the lilac bushes a few minutes earlier:

At one point, baby Juno decided she wanted to come out of her yard to visit since she hasn’t been over to the farm area yet. We keep them well separated and block the pups view from their doggie play yard because, well, they’re Huskies and Huskies love to eat chickens, turkeys and ducks as much as we do! Maybe more!!

They sure love the boiled eggs they get every day, that’s for sure. 🙂

I couldn’t resist her precious face, of course:

At first she was a bit scared. Then it took her all of about 30 seconds to get bored of them when she realized she wasn’t getting put inside the coop after all:

She decided to go back to playing with Draco and Lola in their designated “safe” space while the hubby and I enjoyed the sunset view over our ever expanding, little backyard farm (again):

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