The Adventures of Draco, Lola & Juno: It’s snow day, every day!

I know I post a lot about my cute fur babies (oh, god I’m that person now) but I can’t help it. These three are just too fun and a perfect fit for our Idaho lifestyle. Not to mention a reason to get up in the morning and a nice diversion on days when I’m feeling blah.

I never don’t have time for them.

I mean, how can you not laugh at this goofy girl? All I did was ask her if she likes the snow:

I took that as a yes!

Or these two acting all ferocious at each other when in reality they are both big, huge babies:

Or Draco watching with intense amusement while Juno eats Lola’s face?

Or Draco playing “King of the wood shelter thingy”:

For like twenty minutes:

To the point that as the sun was setting even Juno was like, WHAT IS HE DOING STILL UP THERE?

Gosh, I love these crazy pups.

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