The Adventures of Baby Juno: Exploring After The Storm

We had quite a wind storm last night, which isn’t unusual here in SE Idaho. In fact, it’s unusual to not have hurricane-force winds here (I kid – sort of).

It blew most of the leaves off of the maple trees and lilac bushes so baby Juno had a lot of fun playing in them on her adventure out in the front yard on our walk this morning:

For about 30 seconds, that is! She lost interest pretty quickly when she noticed something hiding over in the lilac bushes:

At first I thought it was the cat, who likes to hang out over there so he can covertly watch the chickens and ducks, so we went to inspect because she really, REALLY loves the kitties:

There were not cats to be found, but rather a red Doritos bag that had blown in from who knows where:

She thought it was the greatest thing EVER and was a bit offended that I wouldn’t let her play with it. She whined and grumbled at me in her cute baby Juno way, but then, just in time, the cat headed our way to see why we were over in his favorite hiding spot:

After we found the cat (or rather he found us) she forgot all about the Doritos bag.

Me on the other hand? I’m totally craving Doritos now…

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