Teddy Bear Tuesday: Pip Is Nearly Put Together

Hello again, welcome back to Teddy Bear Tuesday here at the Empty Nest.

You know, I am really loving the Pip heirloom bear kit and the easy-to-follow instructions over at TeddyTechOnline’s channel on YouTube!

I haven’t run into any real problems at all so far, well, except when I overstuffed Pip’s head and popped a few stitches (whoops!):

I’ll have to go back and fix those, but that’s pretty simple. The entire process has been simple, again, thanks to the instructions and how-to video they provide. It takes so much of the anxiety and apprehension out of bear making.

Pip’s size makes it even better since my first two attempts at heirloom teddy bear making were made a bit more difficult because my Freddy and Scragg were both super tiny compared to Pip:

As you can see, Pip’s head is almost as big as Freddy!

So that makes it easier to work with him. The fur and ultrasuede are much easier for me to handle, too.

He is almost completely stuffed and stitched now. I had no problems with the joints and have already done the arms and legs. They were pretty straightforward using nuts and bolts rather than cotter pins. There is one cotter pin for the head, but I haven’t finished tightening it down yet because my needle nose pliers disappeared (!).

So his head is removable still which is a good thing since I popped those stitches (haha). I’m working on the eyes and ears next. Then I’ll tackle trimming fur from his muzzle and stitching him a new nose (scary!). I’ll be watching the video tutorials again extra carefully for those parts!

Until then, happy bear making!

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