Teddy Bear Tuesday: One Ear & Two Eyes

Oh, hello! Welcome back to TBT.

I overcame my fear of butchering Scragg’s right ear and made quite a bit of progress this week so I’m excited to share! šŸ™‚

If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know I was apprehensive of adding a second ear since the first one came out so well, but I had to just bloody well do it. Otherwise I’ll never reach expert level!

So I did it. First I had to pin it in place so they lined up as evenly as possible:

Once I got it where I wanted it I used tiny stitches to attach it firmly:

I did my best to squish it and mold it to look like the first one. It was a little challenging but in the end I was so happy with how the ears turned out that I went ahead and added his eyes, too!

(the angle makes the new ear look bigger than it is.. okay maybe I better squish it back into a more rounded shape)

That’s a bit better. It’s a work in progress, obviously.

It’s fun to see his personality emerge as I add each facial feature. Next I will be adding steel shot and contouring his face more before I attach it to his body. I have all of his body parts ready to stuff and stitch together so it shouldn’t be long before good ole’ Scragg is done and on the shelf with Freddy. Woo! šŸ™‚

Then I want to blow up this pattern and make a bigger bear on my own.

Until then, happy crafting!


xo Michelle Dellene



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