Teddy Bear Tuesday: Something’s Afoot with Hucklebeary Bear

I’ve been working on Hucklebeary Bear, my fifth heirloom teddy bear (well, he’s technically my fourth if you consider that my last one was a hare and not a bear!) and so far, so good.

He’s a bit bigger than the others and also a bit more challenging for me, which is good because I want to eventually be a master heirloom teddy bear maker so working on a bear like Hucklebeary helps me reach that goal.

I’m debating whether or not to use the sewing machine for his dungarees but for the bear himself I am hand stitching the entire thing. I did learn this week not to work late at night (or) when I’m sleepy because I end up with wonky paw pads like the one on the left here:

Yeah. I’ll have to pull those stitches out and redo them to get the two feet to match. No biggie, but still a bit of a pain. Once I do that, I’ll finish his other foot pad and then move on to stuffing and jointing and stitching him together. Then I’ll decide if I want to hand stitch his clothing or cheat a bit.

Either way, Scragg and Freddy (my first two bears) keep me company and seem to enjoy watching me work:

Pip, my third (and favorite!) bear has a special place up on the shelf above the hallway, next to Grandma Hazel’s picture, but he’s with me in spirit:

Hopefully she is, too! 🙂

If you want to make a Hucklebeary bear yourself, you can buy the kit I’m using right here.

Happy crafting!!

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