Teddy Bear Tuesday (Friday Edition!): Hopkin Hare Is Finally Finished!!

I know it’s not Tuesday but I had to post this today, right now(!), because it’s been so long since I did a Teddy Bear Tuesday post (sorry!) and I can’t guarantee that my faulty immune system will be playing along by next Tuesday, or even in an hour, sooo yeah.

Plus, as the headline says, Hopkin Hare is finally finished, and I couldn’t wait to show him off:

He’s my first bunny and was super fun and easy to make. The trickiest part was the bow-tie:

The best part was his fuzzy tail:

I just LOVE this one. You can order the same kit I used here.

I am giving him to my daughter as a gift for becoming a banker, hence the added pocket watch which I ordered from Etsy. It was the perfect size and looks really cute whether he is standing or sitting:

I added a cute little wooden block I found just so she knows how proud I am of her:

I’m giving it to her this afternoon so I’m pretty excited to see her reaction.

Next I’ll be working on Huckleberry Bear and hopefully I’ll see you next Tuesday for an update on that project. He’ll be a bit more challenging because I have to make his little overalls (fun!). You can check him out and you can also find the kit for him to make yourself right here.

Happy bear (and more) making!

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