Sunday Sewing Room Inspiration: Gorgeous Wood Dress Form Mannequin!

Sorry for the double post today but I had to share this one because the price was so good!!

I’ve been looking for a better quality replacement for my little metal wire dress form mannequin (so I can use it in the garden!) in my sewing room and have been looking at them for some time.

Here’s the one I have now:

Wouldn’t it look cute with lovely morning glories growing up and around in it?

Pier One had a wood and linen one I really wanted but I never caught it on sale. It was pretty pricey, over $100, and most other ones I find are even more than that. So I haven’t splurged on one just yet.

Until today! I saw this one on sale for just $34.82 over at Houzz and couldn’t pass it up:

Vintage Print Style Mannequin by Urban Port

It is 66″ tall (taller than me?) and made of wood. It certainly looks sturdier than the one I have now. It comes in Vintage theme, black and also in a Paris theme:
Colorful Paris themed Mannequin by Urban Port
That one is on sale for just $43.64, so not much more. Both are just adorable and I can’t wait to see the Vintage Print version in my sewing room soon! Shipping was about $5.00 and it says it will be here this week so hopefully I’ll have it in a few days. And of course I’ll share whether I love it or hate it right here.

Until then, happy Sunday and happy decorating!

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