Someone Is Laying Blue Eggs In The Empty Nest!

I’ve had a few speckled brown eggs, one duck egg and tons of lovely turkey eggs so far, as well as a few wrinkled eggs from a old hen who was at the end of her natural egg laying cycle. But today was the first day I got a blue egg!

It’s actually greenish-greyish-blue. It’s hard to see just how colorful it is in the picture, but next to the white eggs I had for breakfast (before I snapped this), the color difference was quite obvious! It is a lovely shade, really. I’m thinking of having paint matched to it to do the guest room even if the sales clerk at Home Depot would think I was mad!

We’ve only had white and brown layers so far so I am pretty sure it’s one of the new Ameraucanas we got recently:

They are definitely keepers if they continue to lay these beauties!

We picked up a free rooster who was free ranged and just gorgeous a few days ago:

Of course we can’t keep any roosters here, except little Ricky who is super quiet with his cock-adoodling, so he went into the freezer right after I snapped this.

Sorry, but not sorry. He will be DELICIOUS! 🙂

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