Scouting For Dog Sled Trails

In anticipation of taking up dog sledding here at the empty nest (yes, really!) we’ve been scouting out gear and places nearby that we can take the pups to train them properly.

Luckily we live within a short distance of endless acres of trails with lots and lots (and lots!) of snow! And lots of wildlife the pups will have to learn to ignore.

On the way home today the hubby spotted this lovely big horn sheep out enjoying our lovely winter weather:

Isn’t he gorgeous? Even his backside was handsome:

We looked on Craigslist to see if there were any local deals on dog sleds (nope!). There are some great folks out there who sell new dog sled gear for reasonable prices, though. We found a sled package from that comes with harnesses for 2 dogs and a nice wooden sled that can handle, well, more dogs than we’ll ever own (um maybe!) at a really reasonable price (under $500):

It’s on our Christmas list for sure. They also have some good training videos like this one:


We are both really excited and the pups are going to just love it. Our new hobby should make for a fun winter ahead (hopefully many winters!).

Stay tuned!

Oh, and happy dog sledding!!

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