(More!) Turkeys In The Straw

We have expanded our turkey flock (sorry, our rafter of turkeys) to include three new lovely Bourbon Reds. There is one tom and two hens and they are proven breeders with a few good years left on them:

Our lovely little Sweet Grass turkeys are growing up nicely but look quite tiny compared to these new Bourbons:

These beauties will have their own coop and pens soon so that next year we can start raising chicks but in the meantime they are sharing the cozy space we built for our layer hens. We added some roosts especially for the turkeys which they took right to.

They weren’t raised with chickens so they’re not quite sure what to think of them yet, but so far so good:

I can hardly wait for them to have babies and I heard turkey eggs are quite delicious, too! Yummm.

Happy backyard farming!

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