Let The Remodeling (Re)Begin!

Thanks to my dysfunctional immune system we pretty much had put our empty nest DIY remodeling on hold for the last couple of years while trying to keep me alive and functional. Our extra money was going to doctors and tests and supplements and compounded medicines and…


Now that I’m doing much (MUCH!) better, we’ve picked the sandpaper and paintbrushes back up again.


This week we decided to move the living room downstairs, set up the big dining room, move the new pantry cabinets over on the little dining room wall to make a window seat with them and to expand our kitchen out to about double the width it originally was.


I know, even Lola is confused still:

Here’s the dining room so far:

Here is the inspiration for the window seat we’re doing in the kitchen:

We ordered the middle cabinets and they should be here in a week or so. We’ll be adding beadboard and re-doing the window frames and all the trim from floor to ceiling so that’s going to be exciting. It’s a lot of work and I do still get sick if I overdo it, but I am able to keep up pretty well which means my mast cell disease treatments are working.


This spring we’ll be painting the kitchen cabinets finally, along with the front and back doors. I haven’t decided what color to paint the front door since the hubby gave me a choice, but I’m leaning towards white because of our hard well water. It leaves white chalky lines on everything so..


Until then, happy remodeling!!

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