Kitchen Island Ideas & Other “Things” To Love

My new LOVE sign from Hobby Lobby came so I added it to my ever-growing “Wall of Things”:

As you can see, there are still lots of empty spots for more “things” so I won’t say it’s finished ever, ever again. I made that mistake once already and just this week two more “things” were added! It’s like a weird addiction now and I get excited thinking of the possibilities.

I’m REALLY psyched about the upcoming kitchen reno where we plan to double the size of our current kitchen. Yes, I said double the size of our current kitchen.


With the amount of time I have to spend in there cooking everything from scratch now, thanks to my faulty mast cells, we both decided it’s a good investment for everyone involved. I have to cook from scratch and he gets to eat delicious food cooked from scratch! It’s a win-win. Plus, the reality is that my current kitchen is pretty tiny so by doubling it I will finally have a good-sized kitchen, nothing more.

It will be done as nicely but as cheaply as possible and will also be a utilitarian yet stylish one. We’re using bead board and butcher block and lots of old-world, antique touches, of course. We’ll also need a long kitchen island, about six to eight feet by three feet wide, to complete the look we’re going for.

I found a few inspirational kitchen island ideas that fit our needs/wants. Some are simple enough for us to build ourselves:


Since it will be an eat-in kitchen (as we’re stealing the breakfast nook away to double the space) we want the farmhouse table at the end, just like these islands have.

We’ll have the bigger, formal dining room with my huge pretty dining room table for bigger gatherings adjacent to the soon-to-be remodeled kitchen, but with the empty nest we don’t need more than two bar stools in the kitchen anymore. The kids who used to sit there with me are all grown up now and off in their own nests.


Now if I could just stop finding more things for my “Wall of Things” I wouldn’t be thinking of how much I miss them….



xo Michelle Dellene


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