I LOVE My Victorian Key Clocks & My Dress Form Mannequin Is Already Here!

Can you believe I placed the order for my new dress form mannequin from Houzz four days ago and it’s already here and looking gorgeous just like I thought it would?!

That has to be the fasted shipping ever. On top of the fast delivery I couldn’t be happier with it. It is built so well and adjusts in height to be quite tall (up to 66″ apparently!). The legs are solid wood while the torso is I *think* hard plastic covered in linen and it’s not wobbly at all. It doesn’t look cheap, either. It’s just perfect for the look I’m going for in there.

So are the two new Victorian key wall clocks I bought a couple weeks ago to also go in the sewing room:

If you look closely you can see that the keys have “LOVE” and “HOME” at the bottom. They are so cute and work perfectly. I splurged and paid full price for them because I didn’t want to wait to catch them on sale in case they sold out.

Which they did pretty quickly. Hopefully they’ll restock so you can grab a pair, too! They make a great addition to my bear-making room.

Speaking of bears, my next two kits from TeddyTech have arrived and one is not a bear at all while the other is all bear. Check back for Teddy Bear Tuesday to see them both and also to check in on Pip who is about to get finished (woo!).

Until then, happy decorating!


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