What A Difference A Day Makes!

Actually eight days, to be exact. It was long enough to finish the grassy knoll on my cross stitch sampler:

And long enough to see progress out my front window, too!

If you’ll remember, the pup and I were a bit worried a week or so ago when we realized how quickly the brown patches in the lawn turned up:

I knew I had to act fast so I turned the sprinklers on twice a day and stopped mowing completely in order to give it time to get some height on it. Height holds in moisture and helps a lawn get green quickly, or so I’ve heard (from my hubby who knows this stuff).

It obviously works because it went from ^^ that up there to this in just eight days:

(Note the neighbors across the street have an almost entirely dead lawn now!)

I’m guessing in two more days ours will be much greener still. Then I will don my respirator and mow on a higher setting and hopefully it will stay healthy and golf course-y after that. It seems to like the twice a day sprinklings, so I will keep up with them.

My green lawn isn’t the only thing happening out there, my lilies are beginning to bloom, starting with the prettiest of them all:

I just love them. I wish they lasted longer, though.

They should hopefully stick around through 4th of July. This patch started with just three little plants a few years ago and now it’s a big, gorgeous bouquet and just grows bigger and prettier each year. This fall we plan on digging up about half of them and moving them around the yard like we’ve been doing with everything else.

They are almost like children, really. It’s fun to watch them grow and then have children of their own.

Happy gardening!


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