Cross Stitch Sunday: The Lovely ‘Rose Tree Lane’ Is (Finally!) Done

Once upon a time, or back in early summer, I began this lovely ‘Rose Tree Lane’ cross stitch sampler from Country Stitching:

It’s my fourth and biggest one to date at 16″x16″ and although it took me a few months to complete (thanks in part to my wonky mast cells) and even though I hit a few snares along the way, I am very, VERY happy with it:

The colors are bright and cheery and it is stunningly beautiful in its full glory, which I’ll show off when I go to frame it and the others.

That will be super fun. 🙂

I was also very happy with the customer service at Country Stitching when I emailed to ask them what the number for ‘medium green’ was when I somehow lost mine mysteriously (whoops!). They emailed back right away and promptly sent me a free skein of replacement floss so I could get the job done.

So that was awesome (and it reminded me to keep the little wrap thingies with the color numbers on them ha!).

As soon as it came in the mail a few days later I ran out of blue (which I had tossed the aforementioned wrap thingy to as well lol). It was towards the end and I could have just asked them what that number was and bought more but I just winged it instead by combining two other shades of blue floss (one was a bit too dark and one a bit too light) that I had left over from my last samplers and ended up with a surprisingly good match.

You can barely notice the color variation unless I point it out and even then the light has to be just right to see the slight difference between the two blues:

Seriously, I got lucky there.

I also got lucky when I ran out of burgundy (again, right at the end) and winged it by using three strands of regular thread that matched exactly. It’s there in the picture, too, in the flower on the right but you can’t tell even if I point it out. The colors look identical and the thread has nearly the same texture as the floss.

So I got lucky again.

When I ran out of light rose right at the end, too, (yeah, I know!) I lucked out a third (!) time when I found a new skein of the same exact color (or darn close!) in the mix-and-match pack of different colored floss the hubby bought me as a gift a while back.

I’m always lucky to have him as a hubby!

So now it’s all done (whew!) and I can add it to my growing collection of finished samplers, all from Country Stitching (love them!) and which all still need to be ironed and framed and hung on my awaiting sampler collage wall:

I probably won’t tackle one that big again for awhile but I do have a few more little ones in mind that I’d love to add to my collection so I’ll be ordering my next one soon.

In the meantime, I can now focus my attention on Hucklebeary Bear whom I’ve been neglecting! I am a wee bit further than this (but not by much) so hopefully I’ll have an update by my next Teddy Bear Tuesday:

Happy crafting!

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