Cross Stitch Sunday: My Sewing Room’s Evolution

I’ve slowly been working on my craft/sewing room for the empty nest hobbies I’ve taken up, like cross stitching and heirloom teddy bear making. I’m going more for utilitarian value and it’s coming along pretty well.

To keep costs down, I’ve been able to recycle a lot of things from around the empty nest to put it together.

The dresser is an extra one we had and were going to sell but it works great for storage. It has a lot of drawers and two deep cupboards on each side where I can keep stuff.

The big storage cabinet came as a matching set with another one we used in the kitchen. It was going to be put in our new laundry room but I found a bigger, better one for in there and that meant this one could go in my craft room. Perfect!

The top center table is one we had in storage that we used to use for homeschooling and things like science and art projects when the kids were growing up. Once or twice we used it for yard sale items. Now it’s the perfect sewing/craft room table and I like it sooo much better in the center of the room rather than up against the wall where I had it.

Now I can walk all the way around it when I’m working on a project, like cutting patterns or framing my cross stitch samplers!

The big drawers of our old coffee table are perfect for holding my finished samplers or my expensive mohair teddy bear fur pieces safely. It fit perfectly under the craft table and provides enough space to put baskets and other storage containers on top.

Today I pulled my samplers out to take a look at what I have so far and what I still need for my sampler wall collage:

I will definitely need to iron them again before framing, that’s for sure.

The one I’m currently working on (in the basket there) is bigger than all of these, which are all pretty good sized, so it’s time to start adding smaller pieces for the collage after I finish this fourth one. I will run out of room on the wall otherwise!

I thought I would have room for about 20 samplers but I’m not so sure now. Here’s the wall I’m saving for the sampler wall collage:

Before anything goes up we’ll be removing the old trim and wallpaper and replacing it with new beadboard and trim. I really like the green and white stripes but the wallpaper is old and really needs to go. That probably won’t happen until this winter so I have plenty of time and plenty to do first, like matting and framing the samplers I have. That table sure will come in handy then!

Then I can start playing with the layout on the blank wall to see where I want to put them. I can’t wait to see it finished but I’m really enjoying getting there, too. I can’t wait to share it here when it’s all done.

In the meantime, happy crafting!


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