Cross Stitch Saturday: The Weather Outside Is Frightful…

It is snowing and blustery out there today, which makes for a great excuse to pick up my needle and thread!

I’m hoping to finish this lovely little “Home Sweet Home” sampler I’ve been working on soon. I haven’t decided if I’m going to gift it to my lovely little daughter who is in the process of buying her first house now (!) or if I’ll add it to my sampler wall collage I’m working on:

Either way, days like today make me feel nesty but it also makes for miserable egg collecting. I trudged out to check on the girls first thing this morning and was shocked to find 9 lovely eggs before 9am! I think that’s a new record for these girls.

I did a lot of baking and cooking this week so I was running low but not now! In two days I’ve gotten more than a dozen:

My blue egg layers have been quite busy these last few days which makes it look like I have a collection of Easter eggs.

The hubby has been, too, with his new chicken plucker. Both our big freezer in the garage and the littler one in the kitchen are filled to the brim with fresh meat now (and not much else!):

Because of my strict mast cell disease diet I can only eat fresh, organic meats and produce so this works really well for us. The hubby doesn’t seem to mind fried duck breast with steamed white rice and carrots or duck noodles with broccoli and fresh basil or roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy.

We will be eating this latest batch of chickens and ducks until spring!

Which is probably when I’ll have this sampler finished, at the rate I’m going (grrr). Same with Hucklebeary Bear, who I’ve been neglecting for no good reason.

So, back to stitching I go.

Happy crafting!


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