Craigslist Find of the Week & A Very Suspicious Egg

During my morning egg check I came upon a single, solitary egg nestled into the straw under the nesting boxes. It’s a cozy, dark space where the girls can gather and stay warm and it’s the first time I’ve found an egg there, so that was surprising.

What was even more surprising was that it wasn’t a chicken egg at all, but a turkey egg. Our first one!

We checked to see if it was fertilized, and it wasn’t, so we’ll be eating it. It definitely stands out from the other eggs I collected:

We have our coop set up with lighting on timers to keep the girls laying through the winter and it’s working out nicely, but we didn’t expect the turkeys to join in so that was a bonus.

This week we’ll be filling the freezer with about half a dozen or so of the chickens and at least three big, fat ducks – nearly all of which we’ve collected in the last couple of weeks absolutely free on Craigslist.

It’s amazing how many people are giving poultry away this time of year simply because they don’t want to keep them through the winter, or maybe they don’t have the heart to kill and eat them.

Either way, we’re heartless enough (harhar) to do the job and in order to do it properly we needed a few things. I found a great deal on this commercial sink on Craigslist which will be perfect for the task once we hook it up to the water line:

They wanted $150 but we talked them down t0 $90 and it’s totally worth the investment considering how much we’ll be saving on meat in the coming weeks and months and years.

Next spring we’re adding quail and pheasant runs (yumm!) so some time next year we’ll be dining on those, too. Our turkeys will be big enough to eat for next Thanksgiving as well but we’re keeping our eyes peeled for freebies of those, too.

We’ll take all the free, fresh food we can find! 🙂

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