Antiqu(ity) of the Week: Ancient Roman Coins!

I wasn’t exactly looking for ancient Roman coins to give as gifts to my boys but when I found these on sale for just $12.49 over at Apmex I honestly couldn’t resist!

They are a great way to introduce them both to the world of coin collecting and the price was pretty darned good considering these coins are a couple of thousand years old. The coins came really well packaged with a certificate of authenticity and description.

They were different sizes – one is almost half the size of the other – and you can make out the fronts and backs pretty well on both of them, much to our delight. Here are the fronts of each coin:

If you’re wondering how in the world an average empty nest housewife like myself can afford to buy and gift such ancient pieces of history may I remind you that they were just under $13 apiece?!

Pretty cool, huh? Here’s a neat video made by the supplier of these coins:


Happy collecting!

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