Antiques of the Week: Wooden Scooter, Queen of Hearts Oil Lamp & Wilcox Silver Co. Tea Set

We recently celebrated our silver anniversary and to mark the occasion we decided to treat ourselves to this gorgeous 1872 silver tea set made by Wilcox Silver Plating co.

We spotted it first on Craigslist and headed down to our local antique store to haggle. Lucky for us the owners were in the mood to bargain that day and we got it for a very good price considering the age and condition:


The tea pot itself is what initially caught our eye because of the fox and the overall hunting theme:


It definitely has a nice combination of masculine and feminine and really suits both of our tastes.

The husband-man particularly loves the ivory/antler handles and the beast-faces with hooved feet while for me, my favorite part is the beautiful scrollwork detailing, and especially the fox on top.

He is really quite lovely, I think:


Best of all, on the back of the tea pot (but not the other pieces) is an inscription with the name “Barber” that dates the set to January 14th, 1872:


It was probably given as a wedding gift so it seemed all the more appropriate for us to give it to ourselves as an anniversary gift!

We were hoping there was a matching silver tray, but there wasn’t so we are on the lookout for one, if it even exists.

We did find a lovely turn-of-the-last-century smaller silver tea tray, though:


It goes perfectly with my Queen of Hearts Victorian oil lamp from the 1890’s (replica) that I found on Ebay for a steal.

Before we left the antiques store, this wooden-wheeled, European child’s scooter from around the 1920’s caught our eye and after some hem-hawing, a dear little old English lady in her 90’s meandered over to look at it and smiled sweetly at us and told us she had one just like it as a child.

So when we determined she wasn’t going to buy it we decided to add it to our own collection:


While still giddy from our antiquing adventures this week, my darling man decided to tackle some more of the remodeling work we’ve been doing and before I knew it, he had cut a new doorway in the wall to the kitchen:



It is oh so nice to be able to walk through that wall now instead of around it! Plus, now that it’s finally done, I can put up more antique-y things.

He also put up all the new chair rail in the living room and dining room, a few new door and window frames (we are replacing them all) and he promised to get to that ceiling and crown moulding soon.

Hopefully I won’t have to wait until our golden anniversary and it will all be done by next Christmas! Maybe by then I’ll have the matching tray to my new (old) lovely tea set, too, and a few more lovelies to add to my growing collection of antiques.


I will keep you posted when I find more. 🙂


xo Michelle Dellene

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