A Most Beautiful Big Red Barn

On our recent adventures collecting free chickens and ducks this last week we found ourselves at a lovely little farm house with an old, picturesque, big, red barn out back.

It’s the kind I have always dreamed of having in my own backyard:

There are quite a few big, old red barns here in Idaho but this one was special. Of course I didn’t know how special it was until I mentioned to the farmer’s wife how much I admired it and asked if I could photograph it.

“Of course!” she said and then immediately invited me to have a peek inside.

I was expecting to see a dirt floor with maybe some old cars or even a critter or two, but instead I found myself in the most lovely space:

He was a furniture maker back in his day so it was filled with beautiful, handmade pieces they had kept. They delighted in telling me the story of how they had moved the barn from a few miles away when they learned it was going to be burned down by the owners. It had been ordered brand new from the Sears Catalog many, many years prior, they said, and they fell in love with it, too, and took great pains to save it from destruction.

They proudly showed me pictures of the entire moving operation:

They smiled as they told me their cherished barn had become a gathering place for friends and family over the years and they were such lovely people so a big part of me wished I had been born into their family instead of my own:

Just when I thought I’d seen the best parts, she invited me up stairs to see the big, open dance floor area and the amazingly beautiful architecture:

Now I’ve been in a few barns in my day but none like this one and none with such a great story to go with it!


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