Our 10 Free Trees From The Arbor Day Foundation Have Arrived!

A few months ago we joined the Arbor Day Foundation and as a gift we received 10 free trees from them. After waiting for what seemed like forever, our bare root trees have finally arrived!

Yep, all 10 of them are in there! We opted for the shade trees and got one of each of the following:

  • weeping willow
  • red oak
  • pin oak
  • bald cypress
  • thornless honeylocust
  • tulip tree
  • red maple
  • sugar maple
  • silver maple
  • river birch

They are tiny little things (obviously) but they came well packaged and ready for planting right away. They ship according to your zone and climate needs, which is why we had to wait so long.

Planting them was pretty straightforward. The tiny trees are color coded to tell you which is which. They also have a great video tutorial to guide you through the process:

We put them in a bucket to soak for a few hours before planting them while the hubby used the tractor to drill all the holes we needed:

It took a bit to see all the colors because some weren’t as easy to discern as the others but we figured it out. Then we went about putting them in their places we carefully selected, following the directions above and placing rock rings around each one (so we don’t forget where they are and step on them!):

We also ordered a few other goodies at a discount from their nursery including a Japanese maple, a couple of emerald green arborvitaes, a rose of sharon and a peegee hydrangea. They threw in two free forsythias AND another free red maple with that order (yay!).

Those arrived last week in a big, long cardboard box and were tagged to tell us which was which (rather than color coded). We followed the same guide to prepping and planting them and they are all in the ground now.

It will be a few years before we really get to enjoy them, since they are bare roots, but the prices were great and we feel really good being members of such a great organization.

We’ll definitely be ordering more trees for our little homestead over the next couple of years and I encourage you to do the same.

Happy planting!!

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